Hi, I'm Queen Clam,

I have created some stories and have used my characters to role play. Here is a list of mine...

  • Queen Clam- SeaWing (Girl) The Story of Queen Clam
  • Heat- SandWing (Girl) War of the Queens
  • Cauldron- SkyWing (Girl)
  • Violet- NightWing (Girl)
  • Califlower- MudWing (Girl)
  • Soar- SkyWing (Boy)
  • Radiate- BrightWing (Girl)

Adoption role-play dragons

  • Shard- IceWing War of the Queens
  • Tremble- MudWing War of the Queens
  • Bubble- SeaWing The Story of Queen Clam
  • Jewel- BrightWing The Story of Queen Clam
  • Reed- SeaWing
  • Paradise- RainWing
  • Python- RainWing The Story of Queen Clam
  • Lychee- RainWing The Story of Queen Clam
  • Monarch- RainWing The Story of Queen Clam

Hope you sometime could read my stories on the fanon wiki!!! Love you SeaWings and IceWings!!!